Whether you are looking for a one-off independent confirmation that an installation has met your brand standard requirements or a regular review of a system / network (including confirmation of ongoing accuracy of firewall rules) Veridicum is able to meet this need for you.

Many current clients have benefitted from:

  • Review of Guest room, conference room and public space WiFi provision for
    • Coverage
    • Density
    • Security
    • Bandwidth / bandwidth tiering
    • Compliance with desired user journey
    • SSID naming convention
  • Review of Head End / IDF for
    • Neatness of cabling
    • Accurate labelling of devices
    • Appropriate configuration of devices (e.g. Loop protection and spanning tree enabled)
    • Appropriate country setting on wireless controller
    • Identification of and redundancy testing / dual power testing for
      • Firewall / router
      • Core switch
      • Gateway
  • Review of support and reporting to confirm
    • All appropriate network devices are being monitored
    • All required reporting is accurate and available to relevant staff
    • Configuration and other as built documentation is readily available
    • Accurate help desk information is available
  • Summary of outstanding work required