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Data Analytics and Hotel WiFi

One of the rapidly emerging business trends at the moment is what is known as Big Data. Wikipedia defines Big Data as “an all-encompassing term for any collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using traditional data processing applications”. There are many aspects of yield management where Big Data can… Read more »

Darkhotel – Security concern or hyperbole?

What is Darkhotel? Darkhotel is the name given by security experts Kaspersky Lab to the latest in a series of high profile Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) malware. The unusual feature of this APT is that it appears to target senior business executives whilst they are staying in hotels. The Kaspersky researchers first became aware of… Read more »

WiFi – Free or Pay?

Most articles on this subject prompt a veritable tsunami of comments from social-media-literate, business travellers, who find it inconceivable that any hotel could ever be justified in charging for Internet access. Do they have a point? The Guest’s Perspective The need to remain connected has become almost ubiquitous and it isn’t just a business requirement…. Read more »

Troubleshooting problems with a WiFi network

There are occasions when a WiFi network ceases to meet the needs of the users.  On many of those occasions, the first instinct of the venue owner is to blame the installer of the network.  Whilst this may be accurate, it is not always the case. The following steps are worth considering: Document the issues… Read more »

What did the iPad Change?

I have heard many people say that the iPad changed everything when it comes to hotel WiFi but why do they say this and are they right? The iPad has been a highly successful product for Apple (see below for cumulative sales reported by Apple) and been copied by many of Apple’s rivals since then…. Read more »

People keep quoting dB and SNR Numbers…

People keep quoting dB and SNR numbers at me – what do they mean? dB Definition dB stands for decibels and is a relative measure of two different power levels. However, whilst the hospitality industry often uses dB in its discussion, it is actually usually referring to dBm which is the measured power referenced to… Read more »

Is 5 GHz the answer?

What are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz? 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are two different unlicensed wireless frequencies.  802.11g  devices, which tend to be the older devices,  use the 2.4  GHz frequency whilst 802.11n devices, which include newer devices, use 5 GHz frequency.  2.4 GHz provides much wider coverage than 5 GHz (since waves attenuate… Read more »